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July 13, 2023

UV Protection Workwear

What to wear to stay protected from the sun at work. Uv protection workwear.

While working outdoors, especially in the summer, staying protected from the sun is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of workers. The sun's rays can cause damage to the skin and eyes, while high temperatures may lead to potentially fatal heatstroke. By wearing appropriate workwear with integrated UV protection, it is possibile to reduce the risk of harmful exposure and to prevent heatstroke.

The threat of UV rays:

Ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun can cause a number of health problems, including sunburn, premature skin ageing, eye damage and even the risk of developing skin cancer. For workers who spend many hours outdoors, such as construction or farm workers, or those performimg repeated and prolonged tasks outdoor in the summer, UV exposure and heat are a daily threat.

UVI Index - What is it and why is it important to know it

The Global Solar UV Index, or more simply UVI index, describes the measurement of solar ultraviolet radiation and is adopted internationally to inform and raise public awareness of the possible risks due to excessive exposure to the sun. It expresses the degree of danger of solar radiation during the sun's maximum elevation above the horizon (which is from 12 noon to 1 p.m.) and coincides on clear days with the maximum level of ultraviolet radiation. The UVI index can express values from 0 to 12, the higher the value the higher the risk from sun exposure.

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Workwear with integrated UV protection:

To protect workers' skin, the use of workwear with integrated UV protection is an effective solution. These garments are usually made of high-density fabrics, special materials that effectively block UV rays, reducing penetration into the fabric and providing an additional level of safety. An integrated sun protection provides constant coverage of the affected parts of the body, thus reducing the need to repeatedly apply sunscreen.

Benefits and Guide to the selection of workwear with UV Protection:

The use of workwear with integrated UV protection provides several benefits to both workers and employers. First of all, it protects the skin from UV damage, reducing the risk of sunburn, erythema and other skin conditions. Moreover, garments with UV protection can help prevent excessive heat, helping to maintain a constant and therefore more comfortable body temperature during warmest days.

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