Work jackets

A large selection of practical, functional and comfortable work jackets, unlined or padded, breathable and waterproof, available in various models, colours and fabrics to fulfil the needs of those who work in very different sectors, from carpentry and construction, to the engineering and petrochemical industries, from plant engineers to ecological operators, from logistics to road works, from the food industry to the service sector.

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Work jackets

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  • Functional clothing
  • High visibility clothing
  • Multinorm workwear
  • Weather resistant clothing
  • Chemical protection
  • Work jackets
  • Work coats
  • Work Sweatshirts and Fleeces
  • Cut resistant gloves

EN Standard

  • EN ISO 13688 (Protective Clothing - General Requirements
  • EN 14058 (Cold Protection down to -5° C)
  • Directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Devices)
  • EN ISO 20471 (High Visibility Clothing)
  • EN 381-5/11 (Chainsaw Protection)
  • EN 342 (Cold Protection >-5° C)
  • EN 1149-5 (Antistatic properties)
  • EN 13034 (Limited protection against liquid chemicals)
  • EN ISO 14116 (Limited protection against heat and flames)
  • EN ISO 11611 (Welding protection)
  • EN ISO 11612 (Protection against heat and flames)
  • EN 343 (Protection against rain)
  • EN 61482 (Arc flash protection)
  • EN 469 (Protective clothing for firefighters)


  • Shades of grey
  • Shades of yellow
  • Shades of orange
  • Shades of red
  • Shades of blue
  • Shades of green
  • Shades of brown
  • Shades of white

Other features

  • Unlined
  • Padded
  • Softshell
  • 4in1
  • Industrial washable
  • Stretch
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Anti-tagle

High visibility class

  • Class 2
  • Class 3


  • Summer
  • Winter
  • All weather

Main fabric

  • Cotton
  • Synthetic
  • Mixed fabric


  • Short-sleeved
  • Long-sleeved
  • Detachable

Type of reflective tape

  • Sewn
  • Heat sealed


  • Yes
  • No


  • Cold resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Cut resistant
  • Windproof
  • Breathable

Chemical protection

  • Type 6

Special features

  • Antistatic properties
  • Arc flash protection
  • Welding resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
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The purpose is to offer the best possible protection against single and multiple threats and significantly reduce the chances of serious injury, no matter what the cause may be. Our multinorm garments fulfil the most recent and stringent EU standards in terms of flame resistance and antistatic properties, protection during welding operations, protection against arc flash and chemical products: EN 14116, EN ISO 11612, EN 1149-5, EN 61482, EN ISO 11611 and EN 13034. Furthermore, many of them are also certified according to EN ISO 20471 to offer good visibility during the night and day and EN 343 to ensure cold insulation and protection against rain and other atmospheric agents.

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