EN ISO 374-1

LThe EN ISO 374-1 standard specifies the requirements and performance of chemical protection gloves. Whether total immersion or merely a splash is involved, any substance which could irritate, inflame or burn the skin is classified as a chemical hazard. Some substances can cause the skin to become sensitised over a period of time while others have a more immediate and painful effect.
A list of 18 chemicals, identified by the letters A to T, has been drawn up so that a more informed choice can be made. Manufacturers must test the gloves for protection against 6 of these chemicals for Type A gloves, 3 for Type B and 1 for Type C, before obtaining approval.

Penetration and permeation of the chemical agents through the glove are measured to establish the breakthrough time, which identifies the permeation level of the gloves. In order to obtain approval, “chemically resistant” gloves must have a permeation level greater than 2 (Type A or B gloves) or 1 (Type C gloves). The marking on the gloves, underneath the pictogram, shows the letters for the chemicals they have been tested for, according to the following table:

Products for this standard

Products for this standard
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