EN 812

The EN 812 Standard specifies the performance requirements for bump caps for industry. Bump caps for industry are intended to protect the user against the effects of head impact against a hard and stationary object, the severity of which is such as to cause a cut or other superficial injuries.
This head gear is not intended to protect from the effects of falling or throwing objects or from suspended or moving loads, in these cases it is required to use industrial safety helmets compliant with EN 397.
The requirements are as follows:
impact resistance: force transmitted to the head ≤15.0 kN with impact energy 12.5 J (a mass of 5 kg falling from a height of 25 centimetres).
penetration resistance: no penetration with impact energy 2.5 J (a mass of 0.5 kg falling from a height of 50 centimetres).
resistance to low temperature (-20 °C or -30 °C): impact and penetration resistance at a temperature of -20 °C or -30 °C. Optional requirement.
flame resistance (F): no damage after exposure to the flame for 5 seconds. Optional requirement.
electrical properties (440 V AC): leakage current ≤1.2 mA at a voltage of 1,200 V AC Optional requirement.

Products for this standard

Products for this standard
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