EN 14404

The EN 14404 standard specifies the requirements for knee protectors for work in the kneeling position. It does not apply to knee protectors which are medical devices or that are intended for sports. These devices are tested based on different requirements, for example dampening, the capability of distributing pressure upon the entire surface when working in a kneeling position and the penetration resistance of sharp and pointed objects.
The performance of the EN 14404 standard is divided into 4 types of knee protection:
- Type 1: Knee protectors that are independent from any clothing and that are wrapped around the leg.
- Type 2: Plastic foam to be inserted in trouser leg pockets.
- Type 3: Devices that are not fastened to the user’s body but that are used during movement of the user. They can be provided for each knee or together for both knees.
- Type 4: Accessories with additional functions, such as a frame that helps to stand up or kneel down.

The performance of the EN 14404 standard is also divided on the following three levels:
Level 0: Flat soils – no required penetration resistance.
Level 1: Flat soils – required penetration resistance of at least 100N.
Level 2: difficult conditions, required penetration resistance of at least 250N.

Products for this standard

Products for this standard
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