A successfull story

The history of Gino Sirci and Sir Safety System in men's volleyball started in 2002, as President and main sponsor of the former team Sir Safety Bastia. The team played in C Series and since then, thanks to dedication, economic investments and great passion started a very rapid growth, leading the Society in A2 Series in 2010, and moving to Perugia with the birt of Sir Safety System Perugia.

Ambicious DNA

But the dna is ambicious and in 2012 the Block Devils (players' battle name) gained the promotion to A1 Series, after a triumphant rise. The promotion cup was raised to the sky by Goran "LUPO" Vujevic, super champion of international volley, gold medal at Sydney's Olimpic games and captain of Sir Safety Perugia. Once reached the hightest Series, the team was enriched by several great champions from volley's world, and supported by a huge amount of enthusiasts, to the point that during some matches, Evagelisti sport palace looks small.


During four years in SuperLega, the team took part to Championship's playoffs, with a final match and two semi-final matches, three participations to Coppa Italia's Final Four, a participation to Cev Cup and one to Champions League (European top competions). Sir Safety Perugia became one of the reference Societies on the national scene. Little more than ten years have passed now since it all began and the history of Gino Sirci with volley is already a beautiful history. There are many more chapters still to be written!