Chemfor chemical protection coveralls are necessary for our activity

Mario Depetra
Metro C

Customer : METRO C SCPA

Sir products : Chemfor chemical protection coveralls


employees involved in mechanized excavation with TBM


tunnels already accomplished


still to be realized

For us, safety is the most important aspect. Our worksites are considered of EXTREMELY HIGH RISK, therefore, we require not 100% , but 200% safety! We usually wear Chemfor coveralls over our working garments. Our working situation is particularly harsh. We always work in contact with paints and other dangerous substances, and when we are involved in cleaning activities, painting and drilling, SIR protective coveralls protect us against any contact with harmful liquids. Chemfor coveralls' main strenght is, undoubtedly, the protection provided to the operators, but another remarkable aspect is the comfort the user can benefit of during his tasks and movements.
The coveralls are comfortable, soft and they allow great freedom of movement: all those features allow our employees to pursue their activities at their best, while reducing the stress. Indeed, we use a large quantity of them and we are absolutely delighted. In short, Chemfor coveralls are the top for those working in our sector!

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